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3p Wood Milling Machine

3p Wood Milling Machine

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    3p Wood Milling Machine


    900kg/h Wood Milling Machine

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    Henan, China
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  • Max. Log Input Length
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  • Place of Origin
    Henan, China
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    1 SET
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    $18,000.00 - $20,000.00 / Set
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    plastic film for wood shaving making machine
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    L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
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    60 Set/Sets per Month

3p Wood Milling Machine

Shavings machine is suitable for processing bamboo, poplar, willow and pine materials


Wood shavings machine, also known as shavings mill, shavings machine, wood shavings machine, wood shavings processing equipment, shavings mill.Wood shavings machine is a kind of automatic wood shavings machine, which is mainly used for mass production of thin flake shavings with uniform thickness.It consists of a frame, a platform placed on the frame, and a tool holder fixed on the platform. Wood enters the machine through the feeding port, and after cutting the blade inside the machine, wood shavings are made. The shavings that come out are uniform in size and thickness, no different from the shavings hand-made by the wood factory.They are fully automatic feeding equipment, which greatly improves the production speed and saves time and manpower.


This machine is an automatic machine for pulverizing wood into shavings. After the raw materials are entered by the feed inlet, they are first cut into the crushing chamber by the blade, which is crushed by the impact of a high-speed rotating hammer and the selection of a shear cutter. Then the air force generated by the built-in blades is pumped through the screen outlet or the external fan outlet.The size of shavings is determined by adjusting the length of the blade and the size of the screen aperture to suit various needs.



Application Field:

Particleboard, compression board, wooden pier, pallet, furniture factory, biomass power plant, racetrack, laboratory of mice, farms, wood particles, paper mill to do wood pulp paper raw materials.In the logistics transportation, some fragile products add some shavings as fillers to prevent damage;Poultry farms are generally used as wood shavings, wood shavings as animal bedding, dehumidification, deodorization, odor elimination.Shavings of different sizes and thickness are used to breed different animals.



Technical Parameters

Model 1460-2 1460-4
Number of cutter heads 2 4
Length of blade 60cm 60cm
Number of blades 7*2=14 7*4=28
Power supply 380v-50hz-3p 380v-50hz-3p
Total power 14kw 25kw
Cutter head speed 3800rpm 3800rpm
Cutter head diameter 158mm 158 mm
Shaving depth 0.5-2mm 0.5-2mm
Max. Log input length 140cm 140cm
Max.log input width 60cm 60cm
Working distance 1400mm 1700mm
Machine dimensions 330*155*135cm 380*155*135mm
Weight 2400kg 3000kg
Capacity 600-800 kg/h 1200-1500kg/h

3p Wood Milling Machine 0

Equipment components:


1. The crushing chamber


2. The subassembly


3. Motor and electrical system


4. Speed reducer


5. The chassis


6. Feeding conveyor


7. Discharging conveyor



Use failures and solutions


(1) The belt is easy to be bit when the wood shavings mill is in use. The reason is that the rotor of the motor and the wood shavings mill have different cores. The position of the motor can be moved left or right, or the underfoot of the motor can be padded to adjust the concentricity of the two rotors.


(2) Low yield of wood shavings grinder.Reason: The blade is not sharp or not adjusted properly.Solution: Remove the knife, repair and sharpen the blade, and adjust the blade to the appropriate chip position.


(3) Bearing heating.Reason: There is no butter in the bearing seat, the bearing seat is not installed flat, and the bearing is damaged.The belt is too tight.Solution: add butter in the bearing, adjust the bearing seat balance, replace the bearing, adjust the belt tightness, make the equipment work normally.