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Henan Wheat Import And Export Company Limited 86-371-6383-5256
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We focus on Wood Crusher Machine, Biomass Pellet Machine, Double Shaft Shredder, Wood Sawdust Machine products and so on

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China Henan Wheat Import And Export Company Limited

Henan Wheat Import And Export Company Limited

Henan Wheat Import And Export Company Limited, established in 2005, located in Zhengzhou City--Capital of Henan Province, the center of China mainland. As an international supplier, a professional manufacturer and a general international trader, the only job of the company is working at the all kinds of Machineries in scope of Environmental protection, Recyclable material treatment, Urban landscaping machines and so on. The company (abbreviation “HENAN WHEAT”) participated in more than 10 top class manufacturer factories, and have signed strategic cooperation agreements with several first class group enterprises in China. For international customers, HENAN WHEAT are supplying and exporting advanced machineries such as: Wood shaving machine, Wood crusher machine, Wood sawdust machine, Wood ...

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