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6m Feeding Groove Type Two Roll Log Debarker Machine

6m Feeding Groove Type Two Roll Log Debarker Machine

  • High Light

    Two Roll Log Debarker Machine


    Groove Type Log Debarker Machine


    6m Feeding Wood Peeling Machine

  • Name
    Wood Debarking Machine
  • Other Name
    Wood Log Debarkering Machine
  • Certification
  • Type
  • Condition
  • Warranty
    1 Year
  • Power
  • Feeding Length
  • Dimension(L*W*H)
  • Weight
  • Place of Origin
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  • Certification
  • Model Number
  • Minimum Order Quantity
    1 Set
  • Packaging Details
    Container for wood log debarkering machine
  • Delivery Time
    7~30 work days
  • Payment Terms
    L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
  • Supply Ability
    100 Sets per month

6m Feeding Groove Type Two Roll Log Debarker Machine

BPJ-1 Model Wood Debarking Machine Groove Type Two-Roll Peeling Machine Safe And Reliable, Easy To Operate


wood peeling machine also called groove type double roll wood peeling machine is our innovational developmentproduct,with highefficient,high quality and high can make the wood run in cycle in the bunker frid and lead the wood skin separated from the wood quickly during continuously rub,strick and press wood debarking machine


1. Adopt the pipelined operation of open silo, which can feed from one end and discharge from the other end, overcome the shortcomings of the existing feeding, discharging and segmenting working mode of the drum skinner with power failure and high working efficiency.


2. Due to the impact of tooth on the wood segment, the wood segment not only circulates in the casing, but also turns around itself, so the peeling efficiency is high.To eucalyptus, poplar and other difficult to peel trees have a better peeling effect, the clarity of more than 95%.


3. Strong adaptability to wood, can be different tree species, diameter, length and shape of the wood segments for peeling, because the wood segments do rotary movement and irregular beating, bending of the concave segment can also be in good contact with the peeling teeth.Therefore, the stripping ratio of bending logs is much higher than that of other drum types.


4. As the huge shell is fixed, it consumes less energy, has lower failure rate and maintenance workload, and has much lower vibration and noise than the roller skidding machine. The machine can be produced on the ground without fixing and is convenient to use.




1. Assembly line type,open bunker can feed from one head and discharge from another,which aviod power off when feeding and discharging,improve working efficiency.


2. The impact between tooth and wood logs not only make the wood keeping circular motion in bunker but also turning around by the skinning stripping rate can be up to 95%.


3. Perfect can be used for skinning different wood species,diameter,length and shapesfor wood, the adaptability, because of rotary motion and irregular beats,the wood will have a good contact with teeth,so it has a better skinning than drum type machine.


4. Fixed cabinet, little energy consumption, low failure rate, less maintenance, small vibration and lower noise than roller drum skinning machine,you can use it directly when you got it.very convenient..



Main application:

This series of wood stripping machine widely used in the fiber board factory in, paper mill, veneer rotary cutting factory, wood factory, paper, wood OARS factory storage plant, such as forest. Wide application on eucalyptus, poplar and popular .

wood effect is really good, is applied to automatic production line operation, the equipment. With 13 m groove stripping machine according to the needs of the development of the market of the independent research and development of high quality wood new efficient stripping machine equipment, is automatic production assembly line production of essential tool!


Technical Data:

Model NO. Motor Power(kw) Dimension(m) Feeding Length(m) Output(t/h) Weight(kg)
BTJ-1 11 8m×1.4m×1.6m ≤6 3-5 2300
BPJ-2 15 7m×2.25m×1.6m ≤6 3-5 3300

6m Feeding Groove Type Two Roll Log Debarker Machine 06m Feeding Groove Type Two Roll Log Debarker Machine 1