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8r/Min Rotary Drum Dryer

8r/Min Rotary Drum Dryer

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    8r/Min Rotary Drum Dryer


    32kw Rotary Drum Dryer

  • Name
    Multifunctional Dryer Machine
  • Type
    Rotary Drying Equipment
  • Certification
  • Color
    Blue And Red
  • Power(kw)
  • Speed
  • Weight
  • Warranty
    1 Year
  • Place of Origin
  • Brand Name
  • Certification
  • Model Number
  • Minimum Order Quantity
    1 Set
  • Price
    $20,000.00 - $24,000.00 / Set
  • Packaging Details
    wood case and plastic film
  • Delivery Time
    7-30 work days
  • Payment Terms
    L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
  • Supply Ability
    100 Sets per month

8r/Min Rotary Drum Dryer

NRS1.8*12 Multifunctional Rotary Drum Dryer Machine Drying Used In Chemical Industry, Agriculture And Feed


The internal combustion multifunctional sawdust dryer is an indirect heating contact dryer, which adopts the counter current drying principle to achieve the drying purpose. It can be used in drying small particles of loose materials in chemical industry, light industry, agriculture, food industry and feed industry. For example, distiller's grains, bean dregs, Cereals, sawdust, fruit dregs, sand, yellow sand, river sand, quartz sand, medicine residue, etc. Small particles, powder materials and inorganic minerals in chemical industry. Starch industry of corn germ, corn husk, corn fiber (corn residue), protein powder, etc. The carrier of feed industry (bran, corn chips, soybean dregs, etc.), fish, shrimp and other wastes in fishery.


Due to the high dispersion of materials in the air flow, all the surface of particles is the effective area for drying. The internal combustion dryer has high drying efficiency and low energy consumption. The internal combustion dryer has the advantages of simple structure, small occupation area and easy construction and maintenance. The internal combustion dryer has large capacity and high thermal efficiency. When the unconjugated water is dried, the thermal efficiency can reach 90%. Compared with the traditional drying equipment, the internal combustion light weight material dryer has the advantages of low production cost, energy saving, reasonable process, compact structure, convenient installation, simple operation and wide application range.



1. It has the advantages of strong overload resistance, high processing capacity, low fuel consumption and low drying cost.
2. The flue gas and the wet material enter the sawdust dryer from the same side by adopting the forward flow drying method. The high evaporation intensity can be obtained by using the high temperature flue gas. The outlet temperature of the dryer is low and the thermal efficiency is high.
3. With the use of the dispersal device, the feeding device, the discharging device and the cyclone dust removal device, the feeding blockage, discontinuity, unevenness and return of the sawdust dryer are eliminated, and the load of the dust removal system is reduced.
4. The dryer adopts the "self-aligning supporting roller device", which makes the matching of supporting wheel and rolling ring always in linear contact, thus greatly reducing wear and power loss.

5. The open gear transmission has the characteristics of reasonable structure, simple operation, long service life, high efficiency and convenient maintenance.


Working principle:

The internal combustion type wood bran dryer adopts a new structure, the material can be fully dried in the rotating drum, and the material is fully dispersed again before entering the material conveying pipe, so that the moisture can evaporate quickly. The blocking block can block the impurities in the material and ensure the quality of sawdust in the material conveying pipe. When the light material enters the dryer, the spray pipe and the rotary cylinder work together to make the material boil and fluidize in the cylinder, and the hot air fully contacts with the material to complete the drying.


Technicai data:

Model NRS1.8*12
Gradient(%) 3-5
Speed(r/min) 3-8r/min
Number of columns 8-11
Intake air temperature(℃) ≤800
Power(kw) 32
Weight of the whole machine(kg) 14500
Shape size(mm) 12000*1600*3500
Capacity The output is related to the moisture content of the material

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