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NRS1.8*12 8r/Min 32kw Corn Drying Equipment

NRS1.8*12 8r/Min 32kw Corn Drying Equipment

  • High Light

    32kw corn drying equipment


    8r/Min corn drying equipment


    8r/Min corn dryer machine

  • Name
    Multifunctional Rotary Drum Corn Dryer Machine
  • Other Names
    Sawdust Dryer Machine,internal Combustion Multifunctional Dryer Machine
  • Condition
  • Color
    Blue And Red,As Customer Requirement,Customizable
  • Type
    Drum Drying Equipment
  • Power(kw)
  • Speed
  • Shape Size
  • Warranty
    One Year
  • Weight
  • Place of Origin
  • Brand Name
  • Certification
  • Model Number
  • Minimum Order Quantity
    1 Set
  • Price
    $20,000.00 - $24,000.00 / Set
  • Packaging Details
    wood case and plastic film
  • Delivery Time
    7-30 work days
  • Payment Terms
    L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
  • Supply Ability
    100 Sets per month

NRS1.8*12 8r/Min 32kw Corn Drying Equipment

NRS 1.8*12 Multifunctional Rotary Drum Corn Dryer Machine Drying Corn Wheat Soybean Sorghum


Multifunctional rotary drum corn dryer machine is also called sawdust dryer machine and internal combustion multifunctional dryer machine. It is widely used for drying corn, wheat, soybean, sorghum and other grains. It can also be used for drying shavings, wood flour, sawdust, fish meal, blood powder, bean dregs, brewer's grains, fruit dregs, feed, etc. High humidity materials such as sludge, sand and animal manure are dried and sterilized. It has the advantages of low cost, energy saving, reasonable process, compact structure, convenient installation, simple operation and strong versatility. It is an ideal drying equipment for agriculture, wood and feed industries. High drying efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection, make full use of waste, and obtain great value from it.


The internal combustion multifunction dryer is mainly composed of air heater, feeder, air drying pipe, cyclone separator, fan, etc. It is the process of adding wet materials into the drying pipe by screw conveyor. In the process of high-speed hot air flow transportation and dispersion, the moisture in wet materials evaporates, and the powder or granular drying products are obtained.


Working principle:

The material enters the internal combustion multi-functional drum dryer, and the material is turned over in the cylinder by the joint action of the spray pipe and the rotary cylinder, and the hot air fully contacts with the material to complete the drying. The internal combustion multi-functional drum dryer adopts a new type of combined lifting device and multi-layer sleeve structure, so that there is no air hole in the material, so that the material can be fully heated and dehydrated; the heat utilization rate is greatly improved, and the output is also increased.



1. The drying strength is high, because the material can fully contact with the heat pipe, the effective contact area between the material and the heat source is increased.
2. The dryer has the advantages of high drying efficiency, wood cutting, wood particles, energy saving and environmental protection.
3. It adopts roller heat conduction tube structure, which occupies a small area and is easy to install and maintain.
4. The treatment capacity is large and the thermal efficiency is high. When the unconjugated water is dried, the thermal efficiency can reach 60%. 5. The drying time is short, the structure of air dryer is simple, the floor area is small, and it is easy to build and maintain.


Technicai data:

Model NRS1.8*12
Gradient(%) 3-5
Speed(r/min) 3-8r/min
Number of columns 8-11
Intake air temperature(℃) ≤800
Power(kw) 32
Weight of the whole machine(kg) 14500
Shape size(mm) 12000*1600*3500
Capacity The output is related to the moisture content of the material



NRS1.8*12 8r/Min 32kw Corn Drying Equipment 0


At present, the drying of grain mostly depends on the sunlight to remove moisture and prevent mildew. In case of continuous rainy weather or low temperature weather, coupled with high humidity between the air, it will lead to moisture deterioration of grain and shorten the storage life.

The internal combustion multifunctional dryer machine is easy to operate and has less battlefield area. It is suitable for drying corn, wheat, soybean, sorghum, rice and other food crops. The quality of wheat and corn after drying is good, which is the outstanding advantage of the machine. It can be widely used in rural areas, small farms and small and medium-sized feed factories.

The  internal combustion multifunctional dryer machine is durable and has low maintenance rate. It is a good helper for farmers. The drying quality of grain is basically the same as that of natural drying, and the color and smell are normal after drying. In line with national standards. The oil yield of soybean and rapeseed was normal, but the gluten quality of wheat did not decrease. There will be no dead corner and burnt grains in processing grain.


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